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For any parents who do not both live in the same home with their children, child support is going to be an issue to some extent. After all, a child has a right to receive financial support form both of his or her parents, and this is going to take the form of either actually providing food, shelter and clothing or chipping in financially via a regular payment.

There are all kinds of issues that can arise in the child support process. For instance, while child support is determined by state guidelines, there can be lots of questions regarding what numbers show go in to the state’s formula, especially with respect how much income each parent earns. Moreover, there can be questions about how much each parent should pay toward medical expenses or for special care when a child has special needs.

Moreover, parents often need to have their child support modified due to a change in circumstances like a job change, a move or some other event that changes a person’s living circumstances. In other situations, issues arise because one parent is simply not paying what they owe. This can on one hand mean that parents needs to be held accountable, and, on the other hand, it can be a sign that the parent is paying too much support under the circumstances and needs relief.

The attorney at our law office has extensive experience resolving child support issues that frequently come up both following a divorce and in situations where two parents were never married. While we are prepared and willing to go to court to resolve these issues, we have discovered that many of them can also be worked out through mediation or other forms of negotiation with the other parent. While we cannot promise results in every case, we pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to our clients’ child support problems.


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