Preparing for divorce mediation

When Illinois residents decide to get a divorce, they may turn to mediation. This method of dispute resolution is particularly popular for those who want to keep the talks civil while saving time and money. However, both parties can make mediation even easier if they are willing to prepare before meeting with the mediator.

Those getting ready to go through the mediation process should prepare emotionally. When individuals are trying to reach agreements regarding kids, finances or the future, emotions can quickly get out of hand. If a person feels like his or her emotions are getting in the way, it is fine to take a few minutes to calm down. Second, both parties should prepare the numbers ahead of time, especially if they will be discussing property division or finances. Having the concrete figures ready to go can get the process moving faster.

Both parties should be prepared to listen to the other person. Mediation does require the ability to work together, so being able to listen and respond in a cooperative manner keeps the process productive. Finally, both parties should be realistic when it comes to the variety of outcomes that may be possible.

For those who are able to remain civil and amicable, divorce mediation could be an appropriate method for dissolving the marriage. The goal of the divorce mediator is to help the former couple reach an agreement that is acceptable to both while still being fair in the eyes of the court. While an attorney is generally not involved in the actual mediation talks, he or she can help a client prepare for other aspects of the divorce.


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