Divorce more likely for people in certain professions

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Illinois workers who have jobs in the transportation or nightlife industry may be more likely to get divorced. Furthermore, the divorce rate of people who work in math or science may be lower than the national average, according to a study presented by FlowingData based on the 2015 American Community Survey.

Researchers found that actuaries had a divorce rate lower than 20 percent. However, the divorce rate for bartenders was higher than 50 percent. In 2015, the national average was just above 35 percent. Gaming managers also had a divorce rate that was higher than 50 percent. Clergy, physicians and surgeons also had a lower-than-average divorce rate.

The occupations that correlated with a lower divorce rate often had a higher income and more stable hours. These could be major factors in maintaining a long-term relationship. The study also showed a correlation between income, divorce and the likelihood that a child could get sick.

Another group of professions that had low divorce rates were those associated with rural areas. These include jobs in forestry, farming and fishing as well as military careers.

The fields that people work in, their incomes and their lifestyles may also be factors in divorce. For example, a career that involves a great deal of travel might not be compatible with being a custodial parent. Those who are going through a divorce may want to obtain legal representation. An attorney could help a client secure a fair divorce settlement and parenting agreement. Even if a separation is relatively harmonious, the lawyer could provide valuable guidance throughout the process.


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