Successfully co-parenting with a toxic ex

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Toxic relationships between ex-spouses are all too common in Illinois and throughout the country. When children are involved, the dynamics of a negative co-parenting relationship can have devastating implications following a divorce. It is difficult to find methods dealing with a toxic ex due to the level of hostile emotions that are often involved. However, there are some ways to manage the exchange between unhappy exes that can result in a safe and happy environment for the children.

If there is a tumultuous relationship with an ex, the last thing to do is have unnecessary conversations. It is advisable to only speak to the ex when there is a need for the children. Discussing issues that have nothing to do with the children provides opportunities for arguments, which in turn makes the parenting process even more difficult. Limiting communication to parental topics can help eliminate the potential for negative encounters.

It is also best to restrict personal information shared between parents. Personal life changes should only be discussed if they have an impact on the children. If they have no bearing, it is better to not discuss those changes at all with the ex.

When children are present, it is advisable to keep opinions regarding the ex quiet. The kids love both their mother and father, and listening to disparaging remarks about their parents can do nothing but hurt them. Parents should always encourage a relationship between their ex and their children. Fostering positive interactions can help keep bonds strong between the family, and it could also inspire a better relationship between the ex-spouses.

Beginning a co-parenting relationship with a toxic ex can be difficult at best. Laying the foundation for communication should be discussed and agreed upon during the custody proceeding. A divorce attorney can be an asset in offering legal guidance and support.


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