Benefits of collaborative divorce

Illinois couples who are about to go through a divorce may be anxious about what it will be like. While some divorces are messy and contentious, it doesn’t have to be that way. Opting for a collaborative divorce may make the process an easier one that takes the needs of all parties into account.

At the beginning of the collaborative process, each party will sign a contract. This contract states that both sides will act in good faith when interacting with each other. It also states that each side will be transparent with information related to the divorce proceeding. Finally, the couple agrees that they will be open-minded when it comes to settling their divorce. Unlike mediation, there is no third party to help guide the talks. Instead, it is on the couple getting divorced and their attorneys to make the process work.

One of the biggest benefits to going through a collaborative divorce is that each side gets to talk without being judged. By listening instead of arguing, it may allow for solutions as opposed to drama. If necessary, therapists, accountants and other outside parties may be brought in to move the process forward. The attorneys themselves may also make suggestions in an effort to help both sides reach a fair resolution that meets their needs.

Those who are going through a divorce may want to consider doing so in a collaborative manner. This may make it easier for them to state what they need to end the marriage in an amicable manner. Opting for a collaborative divorce may work to preserve relationships either between the parties getting divorced or between parents and children. Children may further benefit because they may see how adults work out conflicts in a mature manner.


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