How mediation can help in a divorce

When Illinois couples experience significant marital problems, divorce is often a consideration. While ending a marriage may be the best option for everyone, there is often much that needs to be resolved so the divorce can go forward with a minimum amount of pain and expense. While some couples are able to work out issues surrounding ongoing support, child custody and property division on their own, others need help from a third party.

One option that works for many couples is divorce mediation. Professionally trained mediators can provide a neutral ground for each party to express their needs and concerns so that they are better able to come to a resolution. Because the mediator does not work for one party or the other, spouses may feel more open to expressing their concerns.

Mediation is also usually voluntary in divorce cases, which means that the parties are not forced by a judge to come to some sort of an agreement or to remain in the mediation process. This can reduce stress and tension during the exchanges. In addition, a competent mediator can help the spouses learn different ways of communicating so as to not trigger hostility in the other. Better communication skills can help spouses who will need to remain in contact after a divorce because they have children that they are co-parenting.

Individuals who are considering divorce may benefit from speaking with an experienced family law attorney in addition to a mediator. The attorney may be able to provide insight and advice on divorce-related issues such as child support and property division.


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