Recognizing the signs that a divorce might be the best option

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As many Illinois couples know, making the decision to get a divorce is very difficult. Marital issues tend to evolve over a long period of time, and while a neutral party could look at the marriage and see what’s wrong, those in the middle of the relationship have spent a long time adapting to the problems. However, there are some scenarios that can be taken as indicators that it is time for a marriage to end.

Untreated addiction to alcohol or drugs on the part of one spouse is a strong sign that a marriage might be headed for divorce. If repeated requests to seek treatment are ignored, the spouse might have to finally make a decision about their marriage.

In addition, emotional or physical abuse from one spouse toward the other spouse and children should not be tolerated. When life with a spouse becomes a threat, it might be time to separate for good.

Finally, if the marriage has deteriorated to a degree that the spouse would not want their own children in a such a marriage, it might be a sign that it’s best to call it quits. In this situation, the children might be better off being raised by calmer parents who are not fighting constantly and being miserable together.

If a person is questioning if their marriage is headed towards divorce, they might contact a lawyer with experience in this area. A lawyer might use their experience to guide the client to make the best decision for their family.


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