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November 2017 Archives

Why divorce can be more complicated for businesswomen

When female entrepreneurs in Illinois head to the altar, divorce is usually the last thing on their minds, and the same can be said about women who decide to start their own business endeavors during their marriage. Whether a spouse takes on the role of a sole entrepreneur or chooses to let her husband become a business partner, chances are that this situation may complicate matters when a marital separation looms in the future.

How divorce may affect children

Illinois parents who are thinking about ending their marriage might have heard that doing so can increase the risk of divorce for their children. It may also increase the likelihood that the children will develop emotional problems or not go to college. However, there may still be circumstances in which getting a divorce might be the better choice.

Divorce reasons include infidelity, addiction

Some couples in Illinois who are getting a divorce may be doing so for one of a number of common reasons. For example, a couple might get a divorce because of infidelity. This could be emotional or physical, and it could be ongoing or a one-time incident. Another reason a couple may get divorced is because of money problems. This may not just be about not having enough money. It could also be over how money is spent or even a husband being upset that his wife makes more than he does.

Online dating can help build happier relationships

Many people in Illinois meet their partners through online dating, one of the most popular means for people to find romance. There are a number of dating sites available as well as smartphone apps geared to particular interests. From Tinder to Match, from OK Cupid to Bumble, the wide array of dating sites and applications allow interested people to make profiles and seek out potential partners whose interests and attractions match theirs.

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