Divorce reasons include infidelity, addiction

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Some couples in Illinois who are getting a divorce may be doing so for one of a number of common reasons. For example, a couple might get a divorce because of infidelity. This could be emotional or physical, and it could be ongoing or a one-time incident. Another reason a couple may get divorced is because of money problems. This may not just be about not having enough money. It could also be over how money is spent or even a husband being upset that his wife makes more than he does.

Addiction is another issue that may lead to divorce. This includes not just addiction to drugs or alcohol but people who compulsively work too much or do other activities to the detriment of their relationships. Some couples face extraordinary circumstances that drive them apart. These could include the diagnosis of a serious illness or the death of a child.

Some couples may simply be incompatible. They might disagree about where they want to live or what religion they will practice. However, one psychotherapist has pointed out that it is not necessarily any of these issues that cause a couple to divorce but how they handle them. Couples may seek counseling, but they may find that they cannot set aside their differences.

When this happens and divorce is inevitable, the reason for the breakup may also play a part in the divorce process. For example, if the couple has a child and the divorce is because of one person’s drug addiction, the other parent may not want that parent to have unsupervised access to the child. It might be necessary to go to court over child custody in such a circumstances. However, in other cases, such as a marriage that ends because of incompatibility about goals, the couple might try to negotiate a settlement with the aid of their respective lawyers.


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