Online dating can help build happier relationships

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Many people in Illinois meet their partners through online dating, one of the most popular means for people to find romance. There are a number of dating sites available as well as smartphone apps geared to particular interests. From Tinder to Match, from OK Cupid to Bumble, the wide array of dating sites and applications allow interested people to make profiles and seek out potential partners whose interests and attractions match theirs.

Some people criticize online dating for introducing an e-commerce-like approach to dating, allowing people to “shop” for partners online. However, research has indicated that online dating can in fact be a great way to build stronger and longer-lasting relationships with higher levels of happiness and confidence than those who meet through traditional social networks. As people spend more and more of their time online, especially as smartphones and tablets are a constant feature of life, online dating has, in many ways, become simply dating.

Data indicates that people who met through online dating have marriages with lower divorce rates and relationships with higher satisfaction levels overall than those who came together offline. There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon. Many people who date online reach a larger and more diverse group than those they meet through traditional networks like friends, family and coworkers.

Along with a rise in happiness, online daters also are more likely to date outside their racial, ethnic or geographic groups. Because of the large numbers of people participating in online dating, those looking for love have the opportunity to find more partners with shared goals and compatible interests and views on life.

However, any couple can face difficulties along the path to a relationship or snarls in a marriage. When it comes time to end a marriage, whether the relationship is amicable or contentious, a family law attorney can help with guidance and representation concerning asset division, child custody and other divorce legal issues.


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