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December 2017 Archives

Alimony and the new tax bill

Illinois residents who are considering a divorce might eventually negotiate for alimony payments. As a result of the tax legislation that was signed into law in December, they might also be concerned with the changes the bill will have on the tax implications of alimony payments.

Factors that may lead to the end of a marriage

When a person has a relationship outside of their marriage, it could doom the marriage to failure. However, infidelity is not the only reason that marriages end in Illinois and elsewhere. In some cases, a drug or alcohol problem may be what causes a relationship to end. This may be especially true if the individual with the problem doesn't get help or otherwise change their ways.

Would you trust a robot with your divorce?

These days, it seems that digital technology is in every corner of America. Smart homes, self-driving cars, virtual reality systems and other high-tech inventions continue to develop. While some people have long criticized robots taking over jobs in their industry, lawyers haven’t had much cause for concern.

Divorce and its impact on the holiday season

Illinois parents who have gotten divorced may eventually come to dislike the holiday season. This may be true whether the divorce occurred during the holiday season or if it occurred at some other time of the year. However, it is important to understand that the holidays are about being there for the children. Those who can't be with their children during the holiday season should make arrangements to spend it with friends or family members.

How to divide a retirement account in a divorce

Illinois couples who are getting a divorce might need to divide one or more retirement accounts as part of the process of property division. However, they should be aware of any taxes or penalties associated with the accounts. These differ and have different requirements based on the type of account.

Pitfalls when divorcing near retirement

Illinois residents who are older than 50 might be more likely to get a divorce than younger couples. Studies show that while divorce is down among most age groups, older adults have a higher divorce rate than they did 20 years ago. Divorcing at this age can present some unique challenges.

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