Factors that may lead to the end of a marriage

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When a person has a relationship outside of their marriage, it could doom the marriage to failure. However, infidelity is not the only reason that marriages end in Illinois and elsewhere. In some cases, a drug or alcohol problem may be what causes a relationship to end. This may be especially true if the individual with the problem doesn’t get help or otherwise change their ways.

For some couples, one or both parties to the relationship simply don’t want to work on their issues anymore. It is possible that the stress of knowing a partner doesn’t take the relationship seriously is what causes it to end. A lack of commitment may also stem from the fact that a couple has grown apart because of changes in life as time has passed. Constant arguing or continuous conflict may push couples apart or make it harder for them to work on their problems.

Money problems can lead to a divorce in situations where finances are tight. It is recommended that couples are honest with each other about their financial situation. This may include disclosing their debt balances or how they like to spend their money. Finally, age may play a role in the success of a marriage. Research shows that the ideal time to get married may be in a person’s late 20s or early 30s.

While many factors may lead to divorce, there are generally standard ways to settle one. In most cases, property will need to be divided while questions related to child custody and parental rights may also need to be worked out. Talking with an attorney may make it easier for an individual to obtain a favorable settlement based on state law and other facts in a given case.


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