Would you trust a robot with your divorce?

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These days, it seems that digital technology is in every corner of America. Smart homes, self-driving cars, virtual reality systems and other high-tech inventions continue to develop. While some people have long criticized robots taking over jobs in their industry, lawyers haven’t had much cause for concern.

Now, even the legal world may see some automation in the near future. A chatbot app called DoNotPay has arrived on the scene. Developed by a teen, this app already generates parking ticket appeals and other minor legal forms. However, its creator hopes to increase the available services soon to include complex matters like divorce.

The goal is to make legal processes easier to complete for the average American. One upside to this technology is that forms would be faster to draft. Divorcing couples might want to D.I.Y. their split to avoid legal paperwork fees.

However, even amicable divorces can be complex. Each couple has their own unique concerns about custody, asset division and the best course of action for them. Despite the possible benefits of this app, it wouldn’t be able to offer the same kind of attention to detail that an attorney can provide. A robot might use a one-size-fits-all approach, which has the potential to backfire and create a host of post-divorce issues.

But the question stands: if these robots learn these new skills, would you trust one with your divorce?


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