Making emotional decisions during a divorce

| Jan 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

Divorcing couples in Illinois may experience a broad range of emotions as they go through this transition. Amidst periods of anger, despair, shame and a possible desire to hurt the other spouse in an attempt at retribution, parties may face financial decisions that could have long-reaching effects on their lives moving forward. According to one family law attorney on the East Coast, spouses who take a more businesslike approach to the decision-making process may find it easier to avoid several common mistakes while making the divorce a little more manageable.

First, it is important to set realistic expectations that are uncolored by the emotion of the day concerning timing, costs and potential outcomes. This could be difficult to accomplish if a party enters the divorce without knowing the facts about the family’s true financial situation. It is equally important for the spouse to accurately communicate those facts to the attorney in an upfront and honest manner. In a divorce, an attorney is an advocate who could best manage the case when important details are most readily at hand.

The importance of the representation of a knowledgeable attorney cannot be easily dismissed. In this age of education by internet, people may feel that this is an unnecessary expense. However, having an attorney who could personally guide and represent the client’s best interests could ultimately prove to be invaluable as the process unfolds. The advice of well-meaning friends and relatives may simply not be based in law. Search engine results that may be based on paid advertising may prove even less helpful in the long run.

People may find that having the right team of professionals by their side to provide on-point advice during the divorce proceedings is key to a successful life transition. In many cases, an estranged couple can work towards negotiating a comprehensive settlement agreement with the help of their respective attorneys.


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