The new year brings new divorce filings

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Studies show that divorce filings peak at the beginning of the year and at the end of the summer. Families typically spend a lot of time together over the holidays, and this tends to highlight their differences. Illinois spouses whose disappointing holiday season was the final straw for their marriage can do a few things to prepare for the first meeting with a divorce lawyer.

Having financial documents in hand at the consultation could help a divorcing spouse get an idea about how their financial picture will look after the divorce. Although they may not have W-2s yet, the last paycheck stubs of the year provide plenty of information. Child support and alimony payments are determined by each spouse’s earnings, so bringing these papers, along with any retirement fund or investment statements, could allow a divorce lawyer to provide a rough estimate of what they can expect to receive or pay.

Social media may provide an outlet for a stressed-out spouse to vent, but it could also be a tool for an angry spouse to use against them in court. Anyone in the middle of a divorce should carefully consider any posts about the divorce or the children. It may be better to have these conversations in person with friends or family than to post them in a public forum like Facebook.

Divorce lawyers tend to be busy at the beginning of the year, and new clients might have to wait for their first appointment. To use that time wisely, people who are determined to end their marriages can to learn about the Illinois divorce laws and compile a list of questions for their attorney to answer when they meet. Getting prepared for the meeting may give an unhappy spouse a way to use their time productively and could reduce their stress level.


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