Issues for people who divorce in their 20s

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Studies show that the divorce rate has fallen among adults between the age of 25 and 39, and a large reason for this is the later age at which people are marrying for the first time. However, this also means that Illinois couples who end their marriage in their 20s may feel isolated from their peers, most of whom are not divorced and many of whom may not even have married yet.

Despite this, in some ways, divorce may be less difficult for people in their 20s. They may be less likely to have children or to have started acquiring valuable assets. It is also less likely that there will be a significant difference in income. Millennials may also be more likely to have a prenuptial agreement.

According to one family law attorney, the most common time for divorces to occur is around the two-year and the five-year mark. Differences in career ambitions is one common reason younger couples divorce while differences over having children is another. Some people may have been together for a long time and married because it seemed like the next step. They then might find that they are growing apart or that they regret having missed out on dating different people before getting married.

Getting a divorce can be difficult even if there are not many financial entanglements. Furthermore, even younger couples may have children and assets to divide. The children may also be very young, and this means the couple may be looking at many years of co-parenting. They may want to think about how they can create an agreement that will be flexible enough to adapt as the child gets older as well as how they might contribute to expenses such as the child’s college education. Child custody arrangements may be modified as the child gets older as well.


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