What people get wrong about being married

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Illinois residents may have been told what marriage is supposed to be like. One of the common stories surrounding marriage is that it results in a lack of sex or intimacy in generally. The truth is that a couple can make their relationship into anything that they want it to be. This means that sex and intimacy may not necessarily go away just because a couple has walked down the aisle.

It may also be thought by many that marriages only work when they are equal. However, there are generally times when one person takes on a larger workload than the other. Of course, both partners will generally be tasked with carrying a larger load at one time or another. Those who expect their marriages to be completely equal may find that their relationships aren’t healthy at all.

Most people understand that they are not perfect and that everyone has flaws. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising when a spouse has personality traits that may are may not always be attractive. The key to a good marriage is to accept those imperfections and work around them. Successful marriages generally involve those who understand and accept their partners as they are.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard people work at it, many marriages come to an end. When this happens, there will often be a variety of divorce legal issues to work out, such as property division, alimony and, where applicable, child custody and visitation. Couples who are in this position might want to have their respective attorneys take the lead in negotiating a comprehensive settlement agreement.


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