Why people should not try to get revenge during divorces

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When Illinois couples decide to end their marriages, some want to use their divorces as a way to get revenge against their estranged spouses. People should never seek to get revenge through the divorce process because doing so is likely to make the situation much worse.

People who share children with their estranged spouses should focus on their children’s needs and interests and remember that getting revenge only hurts the children. Children should never be subjected to listening to all of the marital wrongs that their parents have suffered. All this does is cause emotional harm to them.

Getting revenge on an estranged spouse during divorce is a pyrrhic victory. While the person who does so may feel momentary satisfaction, trying to get revenge will only make the divorce process longer, more bitter and more expensive. People should also remember that Illinois is a no-fault state. This means that courts no longer consider fault when making divorce rulings. Trying to get revenge will do nothing to help people to divide up their assets or affect alimony.

People who are getting divorced may experience heightened emotions and feel bitterness towards their estranged spouses. They should remember that trying to get revenge on their spouses will likely only make the divorce process longer and more bitter for both of them. People may instead want to consult with experienced family law attorneys who can assist their clients with viewing their situations from more logical perspectives so that their clients might be able to enjoy smoother processes. By working to negotiate full settlement agreements, people may get through their divorces more quickly and be left in better financial conditions.


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