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Practical solutions to common divorce issues

Sometimes you simply can’t avoid the emotional trauma that comes with a divorce. However, this pain does not have to control you throughout the divorce (or in the time after the split). While the job of an experienced divorce attorney is not necessarily to deal with a divorcee’s emotions. (After all, they are not licensed therapists.) However, there are a number of emotional issues that can be avoided by taking some practical cues.

Reasons to use mediation in child custody decisions

There are a number of reasons Illinois parents who are going through a divorce might want to work out an agreement for child custody using mediation instead of going to court. Divorce is an adversarial process that might heighten the tension between parents, and this in turn is not good for their children.

What divorced parents can do to help children adjust

When Illinois parents get a divorce, they can help or hinder their children's adjustment with certain actions. For example, parents should notice whether their children are depressed and may want to talk to their children's friends or teachers about how they are doing.

Improvements for child support collections

Child support payments that Illinois parents submitted in the 2016 fiscal year may have been part of almost $33 billion that was collected. According to the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, 75 percent of that balance was collected via income withholding. To continue collection efforts, the OCSE has announced measures it is taking to improve the agency and recommendations that are being made to payroll businesses and professionals.

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