Tips for successful parenting plan negotiations

| Jun 13, 2018 | Uncategorized

Parenting agreements can be a significant source of stress for ex-couples living in Illinois. However, there are a variety of steps that parents can take to create a plan that works for both sides. For example, parents should create a list of what they need from a parenting plan as well as a list of things that the other parent may want. This can create a framework for the final parenting agreement.

It may be worth reviewing past custody habits when creating a future custody schedule. If one parent always gets the kids for Thanksgiving, the other should get the kids for Thanksgiving this year. Alternatively, the other parent can keep his or her Thanksgiving tradition in exchange for not having the kids on Christmas or another holiday. In the event that parents are having trouble negotiating a custody agreement, it may be best to take a break.

Taking some time away from the negotiating table could allow both sides to process what was said and come up with solutions that work. Those who can’t negotiate on their own could decide to hire a mediator. A mediator is a neutral party who will look out primarily for the best interests of the child during negotiating sessions.

After a divorce, parents may not have the greatest relationship with each other. However, they must generally work together to raise their children to become productive citizens. This may mean allowing the child to see and interact with both parents despite their personal feelings for one another. An attorney could help a parent obtain custody or other rights including extensive visitation with a son or daughter. Contact by phone or email may be possible in lieu of physical visitation rights.


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