Communication is key to successful post-divorce parenting

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Illinois parents who are going through the divorce process might be worried about their kids. Even though their marital relationship has ended, an ex-couple will have to continue working together to raise their children. Successful co-parenting depends on open, honest communication. However, this can sometimes be hard after a split.

The communication between the parents should be open and positive. While this might seem challenging, particularly after a tense divorce, both parents need to remember that the focus of this communication is the children and their well-being. One way to prevent tensions based on past issues is to avoid face-to-face meetings and phone conversations. Texting, email and apps designed to promote communication between families are good ways for parents to communicate about their children after divorce. An added benefit is that using these methods also means there is a written record if for some reason the parents ever need to head back to mediation.

Communication is also important between the parents and children. It might be tempting to share negative feelings inspired by an ex after divorce, but parents should attempt to remain positive and encouraging when around the kids. As children grow, they might also ask questions about what led to the breakup. The parents should be honest with their answers without becoming too negative.

The divorce process is difficult and emotional. Consulting with a family law lawyer during the divorce process might help ease some of the difficulties. Legal counsel could assist with the legal aspects of the divorce, allowing the client to focus on their emotional health.


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