Is divorce in the genes?

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When Illinois residents consider that between 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, they might wonder what exactly, makes some couples divorce and others stay married. A study published in the American Psychologists Association suggests that there is a gene that predisposes some people towards divorce.

According to the study, people whose biological parents had been divorced had a higher incident of divorce . This study looked at 20,000 adopted children and found that 20 percent of children whose biological parents had experienced divorce had also gotten divorced, regardless of the relationship between their adopted parents. This, however, did not mean that having divorced biological parents was a definite predictor of divorce for the children.

A divorce expert explained that the higher incidence of divorce in children of divorced parents showed more that we tend to do what is familiar, not that a gene is controlling it. Another example of this is when children follow their parents into the same professions. Often, this is due to the familiarity the child feels for that job.

While each divorce is different and is experienced differently by those involved, children of divorced parents do not have to follow in their footsteps. In fact, the expert suggests, people are able to retrain their genes by choosing to live the life that best suits them. Additionally, the expert explained, children’s lives are not defined by their parents alone. People develop their own passions and personality and constantly adapt to the stages of life.

If faced with a divorce, however, residents might find it beneficial to speak to a lawyer who practices family law and can explain the local legislation and process. The lawyer might also assist or represent the person in settlement negotiations during the process. The assistance of a lawyer might help the person avoid mistakes that can become costly after the divorce.


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