What to consider before filing for divorce

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Illinois residents who are considering getting a divorce might want to organize and plan before starting the filing process. Taking the time to do this might save them time and money and prevent additional anxiety later.

The first thing to consider is if divorce is truly the best path to consider. Once the decision to go through with the separation is made, educating oneself by learning the state laws, time limits and costs of divorce is important. Financial considerations are the next step. These include thoughts about life after divorce and the division of property, including the marital home. Divorce involves major life changes that often mean leaving the home for a smaller, more financially manageable place. For couples with children, the considerations will also include how the divorce will affect the children.

Soon-to-be exes should take plenty of time to create a budget for life after divorce and draw out future plans and goals. Organizing involves getting financial documents together, including account statements, tax returns, mortgage documents and credit reports. Couples who have joint accounts, such as joint credit cards, should close these accounts before the divorce process begins. Since divorce is a very tense and stressful endeavor, a future ex should also make sure that they are taking care of themselves emotionally and physically.

Part of the preparation for a divorce might also include meeting with a lawyer who can explain the legal process and provide helpful guidance. The attorney could help organize the documents gathered, fill out and file the paperwork needed and offer representation during divorce negotiations and court appearances.


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