Keep the details of divorce off social media

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Social media has played an active role in destroying people’s marriages over the last few years. Many attorneys have noticed a trend of people using Facebook to engage in extramarital relationships. Social media can continue to do harm during the divorce process if spouses do not know how to use it responsibly.

Overusing social media is not good for your emotional health, and divorce is already a difficult time. You do not want to make it more difficult by using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in unhealthy ways.

Avoid oversharing

It is natural to want to post every last detail of your divorce on social media, especially if your former spouse upset you severely. However, these scandalous details put other people in uncomfortable positions. Mutual friends may feel forced to pick sides. Additionally, future hiring managers may discover these posts and see that you are the kind of person who shares everything with everyone.

Do not jump the gun

Many people make this massive mistake immediately during the divorce process. You may feel compelled to let everyone know that you have plans to divorce your spouse. The problem is there are many people you should convey this to in person first. You want your family members and close friends to know before your more casual acquaintances. Posting about the divorce should be a decision both spouses make together so they remain on the same page. This sets the stage for a more amicable divorce.

Stop yourself from humblebragging

You may want everyone to know how better off you have felt since you and your former spouse divorced. However, this slows down the healing process. It is all right to feel sad and heartbroken after a divorce, even if the marriage was terrible. Instead of trying to convince your Facebook friends that you are fine, you should check in with your real friends and talk to them. Receiving actual support in-person will be much better at helping you move on.


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