Study looks at relationship between job and divorce

| Oct 2, 2018 | Uncategorized

Librarians and farmers might be less likely to divorce than people who are in other professions. This was one of the findings of researchers at Stockholm University who examined Danish data for the relationship between work and divorce. The professions that had the highest divorce rate were in the hotel and restaurant industry.

The study, which looked at people in opposite-sex marriages, also found that people who worked in professions that were dominated by people of the opposite sex were more likely to get a divorce. However, the divorce rate was lower for women in male-dominated professions than for men in female-dominated professions. Researchers controlled for risk factors such as whether the couple had children and how long the marriage had lasted but said further research was needed to determine why the rate for men was higher. For example, men working in female-dominated professions might make less money, and this could add a strain that contributed to divorce.

The study appeared in “Biology Letters” and was not the first to look at the connection between being in proximity to other potential partners and divorce. In 2015, “Royal Society Open Science” published a study that found that men had shorter relationships when they lived in places with more women.

Divorce may happen for any number of reasons ranging from infidelity to financial issues and more. The reason for the divorce could affect how negotiations over property division and child custody proceed and whether the couple is able to negotiate an agreement or whether they go to litigation. If a person is concerned that one person is hiding assets from the other, if there has been domestic abuse or if there are similar contentious issues, the couple may need to go to litigation. There, the judge will attempt to make a fair decision about property division and custody.


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