How a divorce coach fits into the divorce process

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When an Illinois resident is considering getting divorced, he or she may assume that the first step is to hire an attorney. While an attorney may provide legal counsel and representation in a divorce, another type of professional could provide guidance and help a divorcing person to prepare for the matters that lie ahead. A divorce coach offers emotional support, guidance and answers to questions about what to expect as the divorce moves forward.

The goal of a divorce coach is to help the client separate from their spouse in a manner that is as painless as possible, according to the co-founder of a divorce coach firm that provides divorce coaching services and training for people who wish to become divorce coaches. However, a divorce coach cannot give legal advice or do many of the things that an attorney is qualified to do. A divorce coach can help a client get paperwork in order to save time and costs, prepare for meeting with an attorney and provide emotional support.

The firm’s co-founder says that a divorce coach could provide better support than friends or family members of someone who is getting divorced. She says that a divorce coach can help a divorcing person build self-confidence and effectively communicate with his or her attorney and others involved in the divorce process.

Illinois is a no-fault divorce state. This means that the only ground for divorce in the state is irreconcilable differences. This became law in January 2016. Previously, the state required a two-year separation prior to divorce, but this is no longer required. Couples can still opt for legal separation rather than divorce.


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