Are you really ready to divorce your spouse?

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The first few months of most marriages are usually a happy and optimistic time. If you are thinking about ending your union, though, you may feel anxiety and sadness. That is normal. After all, you may be considering walking away from the most consequential relationship you have.

Choosing to leave your spouse requires a significant amount of thought. While you may never be 100 percent certain, you can likely ease your mind by answering some important questions. Here are three that may help you decide if you are ready to end your marriage.

1. Do you still love your spouse? 

Before you decide to file for divorce, you must come to terms with your feelings. Simply put, you must decide whether you still love your spouse. If you do, there may be steps you can take to improve your marriage. If you do not, separating from your partner may be the best option. Either way, you must know how you feel before you can make an informed decision.

2. Can you live alone? 

Even if your marriage is not perfect, you may rely on your spouse for emotional, financial and other types of support. If you are not ready to live by yourself, divorcing your spouse may be premature. 

3. Are you ready for a messy divorce? 

For many couples, the fear of a messy divorce is a strong deterrent to dissolving a marriage. Fortunately, divorces do not need to be an all-out battle. When you decide you are ready to separate, consider arbitration or mediation. While there is generally no easy way to end a marriage, opting for a friendly divorce may make the process significantly better.

When you walked down the aisle, divorce was probably the furthest thing from your mind. Still, successful marriages often require a significant amount of work. As you know, not all marriages last forever. Before you choose to divorce your spouse, though, you must be certain it is the right choice for both you and your family.


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