Technology may make divorce easier on children

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There are both pros and cons of social media and cellphones. However, one upside to a connected culture in Illinois is that parents and children can remain in contact after a divorce. This could especially help improve the relationship between a child and parent who no longer live in a shared home.

Research suggests that the strength of that relationship is most important to a child’s mental health after a divorce. In fact, it is generally more important than the relationship of the parents themselves. The data was derived by looking at 400 pairs of divorced parents and their children, who were between the ages of 10 and 18. According to the research, parents who have ways of contacting their children directly should do so. This could be through a social media message or text on a cellphone.

Communicating directly with a child may also be ideal in situations where one parent is worried that his or her message won’t be received. Of course, it is important that the parent only talk about subjects that don’t require the knowledge or input of the other parent. Otherwise, even a text or social media post can be a valuable way to connect with a child.

After a divorce, parents still need to complete the task of raising their children. Furthermore, the law generally asks that both parents have equitable access to their kids unless there is a reason to deny visitation. Parents may come up with a plan on their own to determine how to raise a child after divorce. If necessary, an attorney could help a parent create a plan that meets their needs and the child’s best interest.


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