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April 2019 Archives

How some behaviors over time can lead to divorce

Some marriages in Illinois might end because of behaviors that do not seem significant on their own but can destroy a relationship over time. For example, one person might constantly minimize the other person's emotional expression, and this can eventually drive a wedge between them.

Making divorce easier with coaches

Divorce involves big changes to a person's life and can be a difficult process, but there are ways to reduce the mental, emotional and financial burdens that arise when spouses part ways. Illinois residents might like to know more about divorce coaches, who oversee the whole process to help a couple make progress in a more efficient and amicable manner.

Joint child custody more common than in previous decades

When Illinois fathers get a divorce, they are more likely to seek custody or a more generous visitation schedule than their counterparts may have in the past, and courts are more likely to grant those requests. The legal system generally starts from an assumption of shared legal custody. This means that both parents will have the ability to make decisions about the child's education, health care, religion and other major issues.

How parents can improve communication with an ex

Divorced parents in Illinois may want to look into online tools that can help them communicate about child custody and visitation. Online or text-based exchanges will keep a record, which could be important if there is a dispute. Communication can also be improved by keeping a physical calendar that details custody/visitation dates.

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