How parents can improve communication with an ex

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Divorced parents in Illinois may want to look into online tools that can help them communicate about child custody and visitation. Online or text-based exchanges will keep a record, which could be important if there is a dispute. Communication can also be improved by keeping a physical calendar that details custody/visitation dates.

As long as there are not issues that endanger the child, such as abuse, it is in their best interests to have a healthy relationship with both parents. Furthermore, kids should feel they can talk about each parent in front of the other. Exes may have different parenting philosophies, but they should both strive for similar expectations.

Even something as seemingly innocuous as having the child carry messages back and forth between parents is a bad idea. Kids should never be put in the middle of a parental dispute. Children’s questions about the divorce should be answered honestly but without blaming the other parent. If there ever is the chance of a reconciliation between the parent, it should be dealt with carefully. Raising a child’s hopes to quickly could have disastrous consequences.

Not every divorce means parents must end up in opposition in family court. Mediation or a collaborative divorce can help parents negotiate an agreement for child custody and visitation. Legal custody allows parents to decide such issues as what schools or places of worship the children will attend. On the other hand, physical custody is about where the children will live. Parents may share one or both types of custody, or one parent might have sole custody.


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