Making divorce easier with coaches

Divorce involves big changes to a person’s life and can be a difficult process, but there are ways to reduce the mental, emotional and financial burdens that arise when spouses part ways. Illinois residents might like to know more about divorce coaches, who oversee the whole process to help a couple make progress in a more efficient and amicable manner.

Typically, divorce coaches are part of the collaborative divorce process. This method of dissolving a marriage aims to avoid litigation while both parties work together to make arrangements that benefit everyone involved. Cooperating and communicating effectively can be a challenge when going through a divorce, so many divorce coaches have backgrounds that allow them to understand the legal and emotional aspects a couple experiences. A divorce coach might have mediation or mental health experience.

Other professionals are also typically consulted during a collaborative divorce. The coach works with both parties in a divorce while each person also has a team helping them. The team could include attorneys, financial experts or child specialists.

While the duties of a divorce coach may vary, these coaches often act as counselors who help clients prepare for divorce and deal with their feelings and concerns. This gives a client support and someone to talk to. Coaches also ensure that clients are aware of all the decisions that need to be made during a divorce and that clients have time to think about how to handle those decisions.

A collaborative divorce may work well for couples with minor children since this process could help parents communicate and make decisions together. During this process, an attorney’s assistance might be needed when making a visitation or custody schedule or discussing child support payments.


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