Children and divorce

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Separating parents in Illinois should keep in mind that the divorce process can be very difficult for children to handle well. However, there are some steps that divorcing parents can take to make sure that their children emerge from the divorce able to cope with the many changes.

According to one expert, a divorce may be a wise move if the marriage or relationship has become toxic and is a source of repeated conflict. Trying to remain together for the children will not benefit the children as they will be negatively impacted by the conflict constantly generated by their parents.

Even though a divorce can result in significant changes in the children’s lives, such changes can be advantageous for the children as they can learn to be more resilient. However, that does not mean that consistency in the children’s lives is not needed. Keeping certain parts of their lives the same, such as continuing to attend the same school, can be helpful. It cases in which it is necessary to make significant changes, the children should have as much of a voice in the decisions as they can.

It is also very important that the parents reaffirm as many times as necessary that the end of the marriage is not the children’s fault. Children, in their naivety, could place the blame for the divorce on themselves. Parents should assert that the divorce is not a result of anything that the children did.

A divorce attorney may work with parents to resolve issues regarding their children. The attorney may engage in litigation to obtain the desired settlement terms regarding child custody, child support and visitation. Depending on the circumstances of the divorce, negotiation may be used to achieve mutually agreeable terms.


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