Study says certain wedding dates linked to divorce

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People in Illinois might think that disagreements about money or whether to have children could raise their divorce risk, but some studies show that choosing certain wedding days could be a predictor for divorce. According to a study conducted at the University of Melbourne, choosing certain wedding dates could indicate that the couple is at a higher risk for divorce.

After looking at wedding dates for 1 million couples, researchers concluded that the worst date to choose for a wedding was Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day. Among the couples in their study, within five years, 11% married on that day had divorced. More than 20% had split up after nine years.

The study also found that couples who married on other special days or special number days, such as Sept. 9, 1999 for a 9/9/99 wedding date, were also more likely to divorce. One theory is that this could be because they are more focused on the wedding day than the marriage itself.

This could mean that some couples fail to address many of the issues that can lead to divorce. These issues include raising children and how to handle finances. The reasons a couple divorces may have implications for the divorce process itself. For example, if one person is angry at the other for irresponsible spending, both people may still be saddled with some of the debt as part of the divorce settlement. When their differences involve how to raise the children, this can make a decision on child custody and visitation difficult. If one person has not participated much in the family finances, that person could be at a disadvantage when it comes to the process of property division. An attorney may be able to assist the person in reviewing finances so that a fair settlement may be reached.


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