What to do about social media during a divorce

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For some unhappy spouses in Illinois, it might be tempting to vent about an upcoming divorce on social media. However, it is usually best to avoid divulging too much information. What a spouse posts on social media can be used against them in a divorce. In fact, a soon-to-be ex may want to consider increasing their privacy on social media accounts during a divorce and removing anyone from their friends list who is likely to be a troublemaker.

Once the divorce is underway, a spouse should continue to observe this discretion. If the divorce is amicable, the couple may want to make an agreement about when and how they will announce the divorce online. Even an amicable split can quickly change if one person badmouths the other online.

Parents should be particularly careful. It can be hurtful for their children if parents are sniping at one another online. Parents may want to agree how much they will post about their children. Once the divorce is final, they should not feel as though they are free to behave however they like on social media. Child custody and support arrangements are still subject to change. A parent could use information shared on social media to support a request for a change in court.

For example, a parent who brags about an expensive purchase after claiming to be unable to pay child support could raise suspicion. This could also be the case if the divorce is underway and the person has claimed to have few assets. It might indicate that the person is trying to hide marital assets. Someone who believes a spouse has revealed information on social media that could be relevant to the divorce proceedings may want to discuss the situation with an attorney.


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