Divorce can impact a person’s health in many ways

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A divorce can have a significant impact on a person’s mental and physical health. Illinois residents who are older than 50 when they end their marriages may be even more vulnerable to changes in their mood, behavior or cognitive function. If someone’s caregiver was his or her former spouse, it may be difficult for that person to obtain the medical care that he or she needs after the divorce.

Individuals who have just gotten divorced may become isolated from friends or other contacts made during a marriage. This may be especially true for men who relied on their wives to schedule events for them. Those who are isolated may become more sedentary or start to show signs of depression. Depression could cause a person to take unnecessary risks such as using drugs, eating too much or engaging in sexual activity with multiple partners.

Despite the potential negative impacts of a divorce, its rate is climbing among people over the age of 50. There are many reasons cited for this trend, such as the fact that people are living longer. Women may be likelier to seek a divorce if they are able to work and achieve an adequate level of financial independence.

Those who are contemplating getting a divorce may want to create a plan before doing so. This may include gathering financial documents, consulting with a therapist and taking other steps to assess whether ending a marriage is the right decision. It may also be worth hiring an attorney for assistance during divorce proceedings. This may be helpful even if a couple had a prenuptial agreement or chooses to settle the divorce through private talks or with a mediator’s help.


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