Divorce need not be so difficult

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No one looks forward to divorce. While it is true that many Illinois marriages simply don’t work and either one or both parties know they will ultimately be better off going their separate ways, the process of divorce can be messy and emotionally taxing. Although there is no magic formula to make the myriad of legal issues that need to be decided go away, there are ways to approach divorce that allow for the business matters to be taken care at the same time the human aspects are acknowledged and addressed. Divorce doesn’t have to be so traumatic.

The number one mistake people going through divorce make is to internalize everything. Family therapists stress the importance of being realistic about all that is going on and reaching out and get the help that is needed. Help can come from professionals, such as lawyers, accountants and therapists, but also simply from friends and family who can offer encouragement and support during a difficult time.

Another important way to approach divorce is to try to step back, look at the big picture and embrace the process. Individuals should realize that this is a time for patience, and along the way, there will be uncertainty and confusion; however, by focusing on what’s important, it’s possible to begin letting go of the past and start making new memories. Ultimately, to be truly free to move on and again look for happiness, it is essential to forgive.

Divorce involves critical decisions regarding property division, child custody and support and perhaps spousal support where applicable, and this can be made more difficult with emotions running high. An experienced family law attorney may help explain how rights and responsibilities interact in coming to terms with carving out a new life for the parties concerned.


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