How to decrease the cost of your divorce

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When it comes to divorce, it may feel like the only positive is that you will no longer be married to your spouse. The rest can be a nightmare, including the bill at the end of the day.

If the cost of divorce is preventing you from proceeding, do not despair. Follow these tips to make it more affordable.

Avoid DIY

You may be thinking of representing yourself and completing the paperwork on your own. In very few instances is this an appropriate route to take. Even if you have an uncontested divorce or a simple situation such as no children or few assets, it is still better to utilize professional guidance. A mistake can land you additional court fees and delay your case. Furthermore, your spouse may manipulate the agreement in his or her favor, hide assets from you or engage in other deceptive practices a professional could recognize and protect you against.

Be prepared

Even when you have an attorney, you still need to do your part in helping your case move along. Come prepared for your first meeting with all the necessary documents and financial records. Become familiar with Illinois state laws on how to proceed with a divorce under your circumstances and what to expect concerning property division, child support and parenting time. The better prepared you are, the more you will save on legal expenses.

Consider an amicable approach

Litigation may be traditional, but it is not always the most effective method, and it certainly is not friendly to your finances. Consider an amicable approach instead:

  • Mediation: This option has you and your spouse meet with a mediator to create your own divorce terms. It not only enhances communication and cooperation but also keeps more money in your bank account because it takes less time and involves fewer trips to court.
  • Collaborative law: Instead of talking with a mediator, you meet together with your lawyers with the intent of reaching an agreement out of court.

Divorce does not have to ruin you financially. With the right steps and team, you can lower the cost of the process.


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