Conquering personality traits may help married couples

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Contrary to popular belief, couples are not rushing to divorce courts. Yet a newly married couple still has to worry about what might end their marriage. Comprehending their faulty personalities can help spouses focus on learning how to develop tolerance toward each other and prevent the downfall of their marriage.

It is a known fact that adultery is a major reason couples file for divorce. A lack of self-confidence can cause a spouse to feel so insecure that the person looks to someone else for comfort. Seeking solace in the company of another person is one way to deal with feelings of inadequacy. A spouse may think they are engaged in an innocent friendship only to learn that the relationship has escalated into an adulterous affair. When spouses live together without any sense of love or closeness, the chance of committing adultery transforms itself into tangible reality.

Selfishness is another negative characteristic that can wreak havoc on a marriage. Every person is selfish at one time or another. However, habitual selfishness on the part of a spouse can cause the other partner to feel unloved and worthless. A selfish spouse can get out of control and hurt the other spouse. Narcissism also plays a role in wrecking an otherwise sound marriage.

A narcissistic spouse insists that they are always the victim of every negative circumstance. A victim typically assumes that the other spouse is the enemy. Consequently, divorce may soon provide an answer to an unhappy situation. Striving to find a balance when dealing with property division, child custody and alimony is challenging. Setting up a consultation with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer may help a person face divorce with dignity and common sense.


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