Signs a divorce may be inevitable

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Most married people in Illinois understand that there are several factors that drive couples apart. It is usually not just one simple thing. While having issues in a relationship does not mean that divorce is inevitable, it doesn’t get rid of everyone’s problems. Here are a few factors that can signal an unhealthy relationship.

Having meals together allows a couple to spend quality time with one another. They are able to discuss a variety of things in a comfortable atmosphere. When marriage mates stop eating together, this can be a bad sign. While some may say that they don’t eat together because they have different schedules, it can sometimes signal that the relationship is disjointed.

Seeing a partner with empathy is a big part of having a healthy relationship. When partners stop looking at each other with tenderness or empathy, this could be a red flag that divorce may be in the couple’s future. A lack of empathy signals that there is a lot of negativity in the relationship and that each one may be holding onto grudges.

Name-calling is a sign of disdain. While some couples may have a bit of fun every now and then poking fun at each other, mocking each other and using harsh words can signal that they do not have respect for each other, and their relationship could be headed toward a disastrous end.

Some people feel a sense of relief at the thought of ending their marriage. When this happens, a person may decide to speak with an attorney in order to get a better idea of how a divorce would impact them in a variety of areas, including finances. A family law attorney may be able to provide information on dividing assets and debt in addition to child custody, child support and visitation.


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