Learning to co-parent with a toxic individual

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Divorced parents in Illinois who are attempting to co-parent with a difficult ex-spouse may be interested in learning steps that they can take to make the co-parenting experience better. Co-parenting with a toxic individual can be frustrating; they may be constantly pushing boundaries and making unfounded accusations.

Co-parenting can only be successful if the parents put the welfare and the best interests of their children first. However, a parent can only do so much if their ex-spouse is undermining them. A parent has to be reasonable and realize that there are things they can control and other factors that are outside of their control. They have to focus on the aspects of their own personal life that they are responsible for. They must learn to control their temper and temperament and maintain composure even when a toxic ex-spouse is pushing their buttons.

Part of learning how to co-parent with a difficult individual after a divorce means understanding the dynamic with the ex. It means identifying patterns of communication that indicate a negative situation is on the horizon. A parent may want to take steps to interrupt these negative patterns with the goal of protecting themselves, empowering themselves and protecting their children. Parents should remember that their children are keenly interested in how their parents interact with each other. What children see of their parents’ interactions with each other now may influence the way they interact with their spouse or significant other in the future.

Going through a divorce can be a challenging process. Co-parenting with a toxic individual may put a parent’s sanity and integrity at risk. A divorced parent may be able to take steps to protect themselves and their children by talking to a family law attorney. An attorney may help their client design child custody agreements that are in the best interests of the children involved. A family law attorney might also help their clients with other aspects of the divorce process.


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