How collaborative divorce removes some stress

Few things can cause as much stress and contention as a divorce. Additionally, divorce can be one of the most financially devastating processes that a person can go through. Illinois residents may be interested in learning about a new approach to divorce that some couples are using to make the process easier. It is called collaborative divorce.

A collaborative divorce involves bringing in multiple professionals. Each spouse will retain a lawyer, and those two lawyers will determine other professionals to bring onto the team, possibly including financial or mental health professionals. The goal is to educate the couple on issues that they are experiencing, provide mediation and then help them to reach an agreement. The team works together in order to draw up an agreement that is fair for both spouses.

A financial adviser is likely going to be tasked with looking at the couple’s assets and liabilities. Everyone involved is free to discuss the perceived value of the couple’s assets. The goal is to not have any secrets, which may help the couple have more control over their divorce settlement.

There are no nationally recognized standards for collaborative divorce. As this form of divorce works its way into the mainstream, it may be that each jurisdiction will provide some uniformity or standards as to how a collaborative divorce should be carried out.

Couples who are interested in a collaborative divorce may want to discuss their situation with an attorney. An attorney may help a couple file the appropriate paperwork and answer questions that arise during a divorce about how to move forward. If the couple has children, the attorney may also provide information about child custody and parenting plans.


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