For a confidential divorce, choose mediation

Are you interested in a confidential divorce? Perhaps you are a politician or a public figure. Maybe you’re just wary about how much information is on the internet these days. Regardless, you want your divorce to be kept secret.

If so, you may want to use mediation, rather than a traditional divorce in court. The mediator helps you and your spouse come to agreements about how you want to split up. You keep the power to make those choices on your own. A judge does not have to step in, so there isn’t a judge who knows your most intimate details. On top of that:

  • You do not have a court reporter in the room keeping records of everything that everyone says during the case.
  • The mediator is the only outside party that you have to talk to.
  • If the mediator takes notes, those notes will get destroyed when the process is over. They do not become part of the public record.
  • You do not have to go through a public court case that can be watched by numerous people.
  • The news does not run reports based on these cases, so the details don’t make it to the public.

Divorce is a tough subject. You may have secrets you want to keep, confidential reasons that the divorce is happening or details about finances and children that you just do not think anyone else has the right to know. With mediation, you get the confidentiality and privacy that you have been looking for. Make sure you know exactly how this process works if you want to use it.


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