Is there a financial benefit to divorce mediation?

Maybe the main benefit that drew you to the idea of divorce mediation was the idea of control. You worried about going in front of a judge and letting them decide how to divide your assets or your time with the children. This is your life. You want to make those decisions on your own.

But, as you and your spouse started looking into it to prepare for your divorce, you started wondering about other benefits. Could mediation actually save you money?

It can, because it keeps you out of court. It makes the process go more quickly and, ideally, much more smoothly. All of this can keep the price that you pay down to the minimum. As noted in Forbes: “The best way to reduce divorce costs is to avoid a trial.” Using mediation means that you don’t have to go to trial; you just have to come up with a solution that is legal and that the court will approve.

Plus, one of the biggest reasons that divorce gets expensive is when couples argue and fight over the terms. This can take a long time, and you’re paying for every minute. If you agree to use mediation, it shows that you want to reduce conflict and you’re probably not going to fight extensively over those terms. This can also keep your costs down — not to mention reducing stress and making things easier on your children.

As you can see, divorce mediation is a tactic that you may want to consider if you are looking for alternatives to a more traditional court-based divorce.


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