Co-parenting or parallel parenting: What’s best for your child?

It may be important to you – and it’s often important to the court – that you and your child’s other parent still have some communication, especially when it comes to making a parenting plan. Your parenting plan will be the key document that decides how you and your ex-spouse work together for the well-being of your child. For example, the parenting schedule may detail which parent has your child each week, where your child goes to school, who has your child on the holidays and if your child has a religious upbringing.

Many parents can put aside their marital differences and make something great for the benefit of their child. However, some parents can be difficult, making it hard for the other parent to continue raising their children how they intend to. Depending on what your ex-spouse is like, you may need to consider if you’ll have a co-parenting plan or a parallel parenting plan.

Here’s what you should know:

Working with your ex-spouse in a co-parenting plan

Maybe your ex-spouse wasn’t the greatest significant other, but they’re still a good parent, this may be an indicator that a co-parenting plan is right for you. In this plan, parents usually have split responsibilities and both parents have a say when it comes to raising their child – all in the best interests of your child. Not only will you both make joint agreements but you’ll also likely communicate frequently when making plans to avoid confusion and arguments.

Working around your ex-spouse in a parallel parenting plan

Some spouses are just as good at being a significant other as they are being a parent, that’s to say, not very well. If your ex-spouse wants to control everything you do with your child and even make it hard to spend time with your child, then you’ll likely need a parallel parenting plan. This plan is made to create as much distance between parents without making it hard on their child by limiting communications and giving parents individual responsibilities.

Do you have an idea of what kind of parenting plan is best for you? Then you may need to know your legal options when planning out what’s best for your child.


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