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Child support is considered a right for children and an obligation for parents. Although the money is paid directly to the primary residential parent, it is intended to be financial support for the child, to cover daily living expenses and the cost of goods and services the child needs to grow into adulthood.

Paying child support does not guarantee parenting time. Parenting time can be established with an allocation judgment. In a similar fashion, nonpayment of child support does not allow a parent to prevent the nonpaying parent from seeing his or her child.

At The Law Office Of Cynthia L. Lazar, I help parents obtain and modify child support orders, enforce orders against parents who have not paid their court-ordered child support, and assist parents who are in arrears in their child support to get back in compliance. As a Lake County child support attorney, I have more than 25 years of experience in family law, with the skill and experience you need to resolve any child support problem.

Obtaining Child Support

The parent who does not have primary residence of a child or children will usually be required to pay child support. The courts determine the amount of child support based on Illinois Child Support Guidelines; however, an additional factor that may be considered when arriving at a child support order is medical or behavioral conditions and disability care.

Modification Of Support

Circumstances can change. Either parent may unexpectedly lose employment or unforeseen child care expenses may arise. If there has been a significant change in circumstances, you may be entitled to modify a child support order. We can assist you with petitioning the court for this modification.

Enforcing Support Payments

Even though the court may order child support payments, this does not mean payment will always arrive on time. If you are the parent who receives child support and are not receiving payments on time, know that you are legally entitled to receive that support for your children. We can help with this by seeking to enforce the court order. The consequences of not paying child support may include suspension of driving privileges, wage garnishments and even jail time.

Managing Child Support Arrears

Defending against child support payments that are in arrears can be difficult. However, there is no obligation to pay more support than is required by law, and parents who receive child support have no right to receive more financial assistance than the law outlines. As your attorney, I will help you make certain that your child support order is a fair one.

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