Client Reviews

Highly Recommend

Cynthia was extremely patient, caring and interested in what was best for my daughter and myself. She worked quickly to resolve the divorce in a matter of months. She is no-nonsense and straightforward. She answers questions quickly and thoroughly. She also provided referrals when necessary, and all referrals were knowledgeable and professional who worked again for the best interest of my daughter and myself. Highly recommend.

-Elizabeth G., August, 2020

I’m ever-grateful to have found her!

Cynthia Lazar is a Saving Grace. In preparing for an inevitable divorce, I had interviewed several attorneys on the north shore. When my husband prematurely filed, letting me know on a Saturday, I immediately reached out to Ms. Lazar (via a voicemail) who promptly saw me Monday after my work. From the start, she calmly and clearly explained each step going forward. She assembled a top-notch team for our collaborative divorce and had my back in every detail – anticipating issues for which I had no clue (though I thought my research had been thorough.) What could have been a contentious and one-sided process became, instead, an equitable and efficient dissolution of our 22-year relationship (married 20 years). From attentive listening and stringent realism to keeping me covered and sane with arcane, formidable entities like real estate attorneys and title companies, Ms. Lazar is truly the partner and leader you want on your side. I’m ever-grateful to have found her and the outstanding team she assembled – and not “breaking the bank” in the process. Thank you, Cynthia – my accolades cannot do you justice!

-Nancy L., December, 2019

Helpful and patient through every detail

Cynthia handles difficult situations with calm and thorough thoughtfulness. She was helpful and patient through every detail and I always felt that my best interests were always taken into account. Having been through a previous divorce, I recommend mediation as the best possible process and having Cynthia to work with was tremendously comforting.

-Kathleen D., September, 2019

Highly Recommend

I used Cynthia Lazar for a divorce mediation and can’t recommend her enough. She made a difficult process as easy as humanly possible. She is kind, organized, and knows her stuff. The subsequent lawyers we used to file our divorce and QDRO all commented that her work was top notch. If you are considering using a mediator, please meet with Cynthia Lazar. She and her work won’t disappoint you!

-Leanne W., August, 2018

Highly Recommend

I recently hired Cynthia Lazar to guide me through the divorce process and I could not have been happier with my decision. Cynthia’s expertise and dedication to my case was certainly appreciated. She patiently and strategically guided me through an emotional time and, thanks to her efforts, she achieved the best possible outcome for me and my family. I highly recommend Cindy; she’s the best.

-Erin, August, 2017

Highly Recommend

Going through a divorce is not easy. I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. Many sleepless nights, emotions running wild, and sometimes just not thinking right. Cynthia, with her soft yet stern voice of reason, kept me level headed during the divorce process. She helped me take the emotions out of the process and directed me in the right direction so I could make fair and equitable decisions that would impact not only today but also the future. She was extremely professional and organized. She let me know what to expect but also guide me down the right path to do what was fair not only for me but also my wife. I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone that is looking for someone to represent them and their interests in the court of law.

-Jerome R., November 15, 2015

Highly Recommend

At a very hard time in my life Cynthia was not only extremely professional, she was truly caring and compassionate and did the most amazing job looking out for me and my best interests. I am thankful I had the guidance of such a wonderful person and experienced attorney.

-Nancy D., November 11, 2015

Excellent Attorney

Cindy was just what I needed for my divorce and then later modified agreement. She steered me away from trivial issues that were based on my emotions and helped craft a settlement that protected both me and my children. She was thorough, detailed and extremely responsive.

-Marie K., October 7, 2015

Divorce Attorney Reference

Attorney Lazar represented me in my recent divorce. I say she represented me but, really, she represented my children and me. Because so much of a divorce impacts the kids, she made every effort to ensure that while I was represented fairly, that my children were also included fairly in the divorce and that my ex-husband and I ended up with the best possible, clearly defined, stable life for the children. She made every effort to respond within the same day for almost all of my questions, the time spent with her was well used and her attention to details is impeccable. I was and still am very pleased with her representation.

-Jean P., April 14, 2015

Knowledgeable/Patient/Friendly/Professional — Everything You Need In One Lawyer.

I think it feels a little odd to type that I loved my experience of going through a divorce but Cynthia definitely helped to make a stressful situation less painful. She explained every detail of the process and didn’t hesitate to explain each step. She has a lot of patience and never seems like she is in a hurry for you to leave even though I am sure she is quite busy. And even though my divorce was fairly amicable I did see a side of her that said she is also ready to take a firm approach if need be. She is extremely professional but also has a soft side. I could not have asked for anyone better.

-A client, April 7, 2015

Recommendation For Cynthia Lazar

I highly recommend Cynthia Lazar as a mediator in helping with a divorce.

Cynthia is very professional, highly knowledgeable about the law, and is able to explain each step of the mediation process in a manner that is easy to comprehend. She is patient, kind, understanding and knows that divorce is an extremely difficult time for those going through it. I was nervous going into mediation for my divorce, yet she was able to take the time to talk and put me at ease.

Cynthia is very fair, not taking one side of the divorce or the other, but is committed to preparing an equitable settlement for both parties. She is innovative, coming up ideas and suggestions when roadblocks or problems arise during the mediation. The agreement Cynthia prepared was very well-written, thorough and accurately reflected what was decided upon.

I advise anyone going through a divorce to first try mediation as I believe it is the best way to come up with a fair financial settlement, save thousands of dollars in attorney costs and help make the divorce process civil.

-Luke P., March 26, 2015

Cynthia Lazar Attorney

Dedicated, trustworthy, honest, fair, personable, keeps client fully informed, includes client in decision-making, explains the law in understandable terms, persistent, works well with opposing counsel, able to clearly define relevant issues, focused, thoroughly involved, committed.

-Mary, April 3, 2013

For A ‘Good Divorce,’ Hire Cynthia Lazar!

Cynthia Lazar mediated my divorce in 2005. My then-husband and I were only interested in dissolving our marriage (which resulted in two amazing daughters) with respect and dignity, honoring the good things that we were able to accomplish together. While our marriage was irreparable, we knew we would continue to co-parent our daughters, and therefore needed to ensure there was no ill treatment by either one of us toward the other. Cynthia understood this approach, and was eager to assist us.

While other divorcing friends’ attorneys were encouraging lengthy battles and severe pain for their clients (much of which caused even more pain for their children), Cynthia’s superb mediation skills were the antithesis of that destructive approach to divorce. She made the process of drafting and agreeing to the terms of the divorce as pain-free as possible. In this spirit of cooperation, we ended our marriage with our dignity — and our children — intact. It was Cynthia’s professionalism and kindness that allowed this to happen.

I have recommended her to countless divorcing friends and acquaintances, and cannot recommend her more highly to you. Do yourselves a favor and choose Cynthia to help you through this painful time of your lives. You will be glad you did.

-Gina H., February 22, 2013

The Best Divorce Attorney In The Chicago Area

A dear friend of mine who had gone through a divorce several years ago recommended Cynthia Lazar to me when I was in the early stages of divorce. I knew from my friend that her divorce was one of the smoothest I had ever heard, and a great deal of the credit went to Cynthia. My experience with Cynthia was similar — I knew that this would be a difficult emotional process, but Cynthia’s calm and comforting demeanor was exactly what I needed.

Cynthia understands what someone needs during this difficult time, as far as expertise with the law and emotional support, and she is top-notch at both of these things. She represented me in an uncontested divorce but at no time did I feel that she was trying to make my then-husband out to be a “bad guy.”— I understand that happens sometimes in divorces. She looked out for my interests, but in a way that was fair to my ex-husband as well.

She was personally kind, caring and supportive — she has one of the most gentle demeanors of anyone I have ever met, and just being around her was soothing to me. She has an excellent reputation in Lake County (where she practices) — so much so that even though I live in Cook County, I worked with her in Lake County, even though it was further from my home and work. Anytime I would contact her, Cynthia was responsive and would get back in touch with me almost immediately. I was never left to worry about what was happening, but was kept informed every step of the way.

Once Cynthia and I worked out the details of the terms of divorce, she sent the paperwork to me quickly, I had my ex-husband sign and initial, as did I and then she locked in a court date — from the time we decided to initiate divorce proceedings through the time of the court date was less than two and a half months — very quick! On the day of the court date, Cynthia met me early at the courthouse and went over what was going to happen, explaining everything in great detail so that I wouldn’t be surprised.

While going through the preliminary questions, I became quite emotional and Cynthia gave me some privacy and space in which to grieve the death of my marriage, then came back to where we were speaking and she finished going through what would happen. Afterward, she gave me some privacy to take in what was about to happen and to compose myself prior to going into court, where everything went exactly as Cynthia had told me.

After the proceedings, Cynthia accompanied me down to the clerk’s office where I received the copy of the divorce decree, we said our goodbyes and I was on my way. A day or two later, because there was property involved, she contacted me with the process I needed to take to obtain the quitclaim for my home (which, according to the terms of our divorce, I bought his portion from my husband). This is something that she didn’t have to do, but that she did as a courtesy and kindness. I could not recommend Cynthia more highly — I work in a professional environment and have had several dealings with attorneys over the years for various things, but never have I felt such a collaborative spirit as I did with Cynthia. I am very grateful that she represented me and if I ever found myself in need of a family law attorney, I would go to Cynthia without even considering anyone else. I think she is a marvelous attorney, but more importantly, and ethical, wonderful human being.

-Michelle G., February 22, 2013

A True Winner: Exceeds Expectations In Every Way

The renowned mediator that handled our divorce highly recommended Ms. Cynthia Lazar when I inquired about possible divorce attorneys. Immediately drawn to Ms. Lazar’s professionalism in the consultation, I hired her on the spot, and a short and easy six weeks later, she finalized my divorce. If you are looking for a top-notch attorney, look no further. Ms. Lazar has all the attributes of an outstanding attorney.

First, Ms. Lazar’s responsiveness is exemplary. She is always accessible by both telephone and email, responding usually within hours and certainly well within 24 hours. She remained on top of my case at all times; she had documents prepared before I had a chance to ask about them, and she even contacted me via email on a Sunday as she was preparing for my court date that following week.

Second, Ms. Lazar’s billing is reasonable and fair. Her commendable efficiency and attention to the client’s financial situation also help to keep the cost to a minimum. During appointments, she avoided adding more billable time to my account by directly entering important changes to documents on the computer as I sat there, instead of merely taking notes and making the changes later.

Third, Ms. Lazar remains objective and candid about her cases. She accessed my situation and with honesty pointed out not only the positive, but also the negative, hard-to-face facts. Her experience and expertise enabled her to catch and address every minute, important detail. She gave me sound advice that enabled me to move forward with confidence.

Fourth, and most helpful to me at such a stressful time, Ms. Lazar conducted herself like an excellent, empathetic teacher. She walked me through every detail of the case in order to make the process less intimidating. I never felt uneasy because I always knew what to expect, especially on the day of my court appearance. Her unique style made me feel safe from the minute I met her.

Ms. Lazar is a terrific attorney, as well as a nice person. Since I am a firm believer that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” I plan to use her husband Jerrold A. Lazar as my real estate attorney for the next hurdle that follows a divorce — the sale of the house!

-Cherie, April 21, 2012

A winner In A Sea Of Attorney Choices

Ms. Lazar handled my divorce two years ago. She was empathetic and genuinely listened to what I had to say and what my expectations were as to what I wanted from a divorce settlement. She provided expert counsel on what was doable and what was going to wind up in the courtroom if pursued.

It is hard to hear when you have your mind made up as to what you think is fair and just to you, but if you wind up in the courts you have no idea as to what will result, not to mention the cost. The horror stories I have heard would take your breath away. The choices were always mine and alternatives and compromises resulted in an amicable, equitable decree. She always promptly returned my phone calls and emails, expedited the process and always kept me in the loop.

Her billing is meticulously detailed and fair. She has no gender bias and is aggressive and client-focused. When you are with her you would think she has no other cases but yours. Her dealings with the opposing attorney helped smooth the process and resulted in compromises from the other party that I thought were not possible. An excellent choice for support, encouragement and wisdom when your world is crashing down around you.

-Jim, August 29, 2011

Excellent Service

Cynthia Lazar is a very nice, professional, responsible and respectable person. I felt very comfortable and not pressured. Everything was settled fast and smooth.

-Olga, December 10, 2010

I Would Highly Recommend Cynthia Lazar!

Cynthia handled my divorce in 2005 and is now handling some post-decree work for me. She has always been very straightforward and knowledgeable in every area and puts everything in “layman’s terms” so you feel very comfortable. Cynthia is very responsive to calls and emails and truly makes you feel at all times that she is in your corner and working hard for you. Her results bear that out! She may be soft-spoken, but I never doubt her veracity in fighting for her client. Cynthia is definitely someone I would want in my corner. Glad she was, and is, in mine!

-Carol, October 26, 2009


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