Why Choose Mediation?

The idea of being cooperative in divorce and focusing on finding solutions may not appeal to you much right now, and that’s all right. But it is important to make sure that how you feel right now does not lead you to make poor decisions that will negatively impact you for the rest of your life.

My name is Cynthia L. Lazar. As a certified divorce mediator, I devote a significant portion of my career to helping people in Lake County, Illinois, resolve complex divorce and family law disputes.

Do You Know How Much Divorce Litigation Can Cost?

Reducing cost is one of the primary benefits of choosing divorce mediation. Unlike other civil lawsuits, divorce cases are not funded by corporations or insurance companies; you will get a bill. As the hours in court pile up, the figures in your bank account will shrink accordingly.

What Can Divorce Mediation Resolve?

Anything that can be resolved through litigation can also be resolved through mediation. This includes:

In addition, resolving disputes through mediation can leave you and your former spouse better positioned to work together in the future. If you have young children, maintaining a civil relationship is critical as you will still need to reach agreements on parenting issues if you share legal responsibility.

Divorce Mediation Leaves You In Control

Do you really want to leave decisions about your children and your finances in the hands of a judge who does not personally know you? Mediation will leave you in control of the timeline and the outcome of your divorce.

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