Is Legal Separation Right For You?

There are a number of scenarios in which a legal separation makes sense before proceeding with a divorce. For example, legal separation is often sought by a parent who wants to slow down the divorce process to help their children better acclimate to the major life changes, as well as those who wish to leave open the possibility that the marriage can be saved.

If you are considering separating from your spouse, you can turn to The Law Office Of Cynthia L. Lazar in Libertyville, Illinois. For over 25 years, I have been helping men and women in Lake County with legal separation and divorce-related issues.

Do You Have Grounds For Divorce?

Through 2015, determining whether there were grounds for divorce was an important part of approaching a legal separation. A couple who did not have grounds for divorce could pursue a legal separation as an alternative, allowing them to resolve issues such as parenting plans, child support and spousal maintenance without being officially divorced.

In 2016, important changes to Illinois divorce law eliminated the existing grounds for divorce, with irreconcilable divorces replacing them as the only legitimate grounds.

Do You Qualify For Legal Separation?

To legally separate, you must have lived in Illinois for more than 90 days prior to seeking a legal separation. In order for parenting issues to be resolved in a legal separation, your children must have lived in Illinois for at least six months.

Let The Law Office Of Cynthia L. Lazar Help You

As an experienced divorce lawyer, mediator and collaborative law attorney, I can help you explore all available options so you can make an informed decision about whether to proceed with legal separation. Contact my firm today to arrange a consultation.


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