Post-Divorce Decree

Embrace Life’s Changes With Confidence

Life is rife with surprises and, when situations change, so too might your relationship with your ex-spouse. Whether you are looking to modify your divorce agreement or need help enforcing it, I will work to protect your best interests. As an attorney who focuses solely on divorce and family law cases, I am wholly dedicated to empathetically understanding all of my clients’ unique concerns and addressing their long-term legal needs.

Trusted Legal Counsel, Valued Divorce Guidance

I’m attorney Cindy L. Lazar, and I have practiced law exclusively in Lake County since 1981. Because my practice is devoted entirely to family law, I have garnered substantial experience helping clients resolve contested divorces via negotiation in order to protect their best interests and secure their futures.

Even the most effective divorce decrees may need to be adjusted. I have earned a trusted reputation by helping my clients modify their divorce agreements for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Ex-spouse relocated with a new job
  • Ex-spouse remarried and no longer needs alimony
  • Child turned 19 so child support is no longer required
  • Ex-spouse lost his or her job and is now offering day care services
  • Ex-spouse is looking to increase their parental rights after meeting the courts’ requirements

If you would like to modify your divorce decree or need help stopping your ex-spouse from adjusting it unfairly, I am prepared to help you. I have successfully represented hundreds of family law cases and will make sure your rights and your children’s futures are protected.

I’m Ready To Help You

As a divorce attorney, I understand how to help clients resolve emotionally draining disputes. I work with each of my clients individually so they can make rational decisions based on the legal options I outline for them. At the same time, I aggressively fight to protect clients and their children when an ex-spouse fails to follow through with the divorce agreement.

Specifically, I have routinely represented clients whose ex-spouses failed to meet alimony payments or child support agreements. When this occurs, I can quickly file a contempt motion with the court to:

  • Garnish wages
  • Suspend their license
  • Pursue child support payments that are now in arrears

I also defend clients wrongfully accused of not following through with their divorce agreement.

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If you have questions about the terms of your divorce settlement or how to collect late child support or alimony payments, I am ready to help you. Contact The Law Office Of Cynthia L. Lazar today to schedule your consultation and learn more.


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