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Why do people choose divorce mediation?

Getting divorced does not necessarily mean that you have to go to court. One popular alternative is to work with a mediator, instead. You still need to get the agreement that you eventually settle on cleared by the court, but you don't need the judge to tell you what that agreement will be.

Divorce mediation and convincing a spouse to take part

When an Illinois couple is experiencing marital problems and contemplating divorce, the issues that sparked the strife can be complicated and difficult to get beyond. It may seem simpler to go straight to court. For many couples, however, negotiation and divorce mediation can be a better option.

Reasons to use mediation in child custody decisions

There are a number of reasons Illinois parents who are going through a divorce might want to work out an agreement for child custody using mediation instead of going to court. Divorce is an adversarial process that might heighten the tension between parents, and this in turn is not good for their children.

How mediation can help in a divorce

When Illinois couples experience significant marital problems, divorce is often a consideration. While ending a marriage may be the best option for everyone, there is often much that needs to be resolved so the divorce can go forward with a minimum amount of pain and expense. While some couples are able to work out issues surrounding ongoing support, child custody and property division on their own, others need help from a third party.

Preparing for divorce mediation

When Illinois residents decide to get a divorce, they may turn to mediation. This method of dispute resolution is particularly popular for those who want to keep the talks civil while saving time and money. However, both parties can make mediation even easier if they are willing to prepare before meeting with the mediator.

What is mediation and why should I try it?

Child custody and parenting time disputes are the worst. The notion of your ex denying you time with your child can be dirty and underhanded, but it does not help the situation to retaliate against them. It also doesn’t help to give up and simply fade away out of the child’s life.

Helping Chicago-area parents with child support issues

For any parents who do not both live in the same home with their children, child support is going to be an issue to some extent. After all, a child has a right to receive financial support form both of his or her parents, and this is going to take the form of either actually providing food, shelter and clothing or chipping in financially via a regular payment.

Study: Higher divorce rates for some careers

It probably comes as little surprise that people who work in some fields have higher rates of divorce than others by the age of 30. The field with the highest divorce rate? Those who are military first-line enlisted supervisors. The U.S Census Data found that these individuals had a 30 percent divorce rate. That career path involves coordinating enlisted personnel activities and leading operations.

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